#dpop joins Social Media Day celebration by having this episode where LiberatingJepoy and I talked about how social media made a big impact in our lives.


It’s your smart, fab and fun online duo! Yes I’m with the Queen B (blogger) @digitalfilipino and we’ll be discussing lots of interesting stuff we love and how does it make a lot of sense. Yup bridging the gap. Invite your friends and even your parents. First topic is all about #selfie . See you online! #dpop #instahappiness #selfie (at www.liberatingjepoy.com)

Excited to do this. Our first episode will be on June 12. :) Like our Facebook page and be kept posted on announcements


A pose with the @digitalfilipino @janettetoral last #dimbootcamp #cdo See you soon! (at Syntactics Inc.)

Thank you for supporting the boot camp Vic. :)

Meet some of my team mates at the Triton Dragon Boat Racing Team. :)

See you Davao this May 5 for the Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Boot Camp for the Tourism Industry. Details at http://digitalfilipino.com/ai1ec_event/davao-digital-marketing-e-commerce-boot-camp-tourism-industry/?instance_id=277

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